Judge Handmade Knives - Justin Williams

"I made my first knife for my dad 30-years-ago from a six-penny nail, and have loved making knives ever since."

He started selling my first bushcraft knives 12-years-ago, out of a backpack at an outdoors festival.

Currently, Justin uses both carbon and stainless steels for his blades. His handles are primarily wooden along with some synthetic materials. He makes his own sheaths from leather and kydex.

"My passion is making beautiful practical knives. I enjoy making knives that can be carried tramping in the backcountry or backpacking the globe as well as knives to be used in the kitchen." 

"I really enjoy working on my own knife designs, and with customers who have a vision for their own ideal knife."

Check out more of Justin's work on his Instagram @Judgewilliams888